Monday, September 3, 2007

FAQ on Migrating SAPscript to SmartForms

Is it possible to migrate a SAPscript form to a Smart Form?

Smart Forms provides a migration tool for this purpose which migrates layout and texts of a SAPscript form to a Smart Form. It does not migrate SAPscript form logic of the print program. Using Smart Forms, this logic is described by the tree structure of the Form Builder. The effort involved in migrating it depends on the complexity of the print program.

Which Basis Release do I need to use SAP Smart Forms?
SAP Smart Forms is available as of R/3 Basis Release 4.6C.

I have heard that Smart Forms replaces SAPscript. What does "replace" mean?
It does not mean that SAPscript is removed from the Basis shipment. Even as of Basis Release 4.6C, SAPscript remains part of the SAP standard and there are no plans to remove it. Since Smart Forms is currently, and will continue to be, the tool for form maintenance for solutions, our further development efforts will focus on Smart Forms, not on SAPscript.

Do we have to migrate all SAPscript forms to Smart Forms?
There is no point in migrating all SAPscript forms already in use. Since SAPscript can still be used and will be available in the future, there is no need to. If you plan to migrate a SAPscript form, it is recommended that you check whether benefit is worth the effort involved.

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